Cafe sketches etc.

21st April, 2017 // 2 Comments

Sweet Christmas. Here is some more brush-pen action for your procrastination:

Taking a break outside of the State Library of Victoria to eat my snacks, I drew this chap doing the chill.


The Nonsense Continues

18th April, 2017 // 4 Comments

I had an extended weekend of doing nothing too productive, in terms of artwork anyway. But here are the latest scribblings I’ve conjured:

This drawing of a lady in a cafe started off so harmlessly, and then it got out of hand quickly. CONTINUE READING…

Bad Hands

10th April, 2017 // 4 Comments

Welcome back. I have some sketch uploads for you, including some of the worst hands I’ve ever drawn and a Beetlejuice-inspired waiting room…



4th April, 2017 // 4 Comments

Hello. I’ve been trying to improve my understanding of drawing hands by, well, drawing lots of hands. Please find below, a collection of the latest hands:

People used to smoke. They used to sing “Smoking is fun, always do it forever…”


Swimming & More Sketchbook Victims

31st March, 2017 // 2 Comments

Hope you’re having a good hour! Those that subscribe to my newsletter might remember that a while back I was working on a swimming picture. I’m still working on that swimming picture but have since decided to change the theme slightly.

The more I worked on it the more the setting of a swimming pool seemed so boring to me, but I still wanted to challenge myself with trying to catch this mid-stroke swimmer from a unusual angle, so I decided to take the scene out to sea. Here are a few thumbnails I’ve sketched out so far:


The first of many

27th March, 2017 // 4 Comments

I’ve decided to pretty much break up with social medias. They’re just too much of a bloody time-suck for me, and they take more than they give back, which just isn’t a fair relationship. Instead, I’ve decided to just post regularly here on my blog from now on.

I aim to put up more short posts which will still include my usual ramblings but will also be the latest things I’ve been drawing day-to-day, including quite a few sketches that have been hidden in my sketchbooks.

I thought I’d kick off with a few here:

Here is a lady testing out the latest of some sort of technological innovation! What a time we live in? This machine CONTINUE READING…

InkTober – A 31 day exercise

29th September, 2016 // No Comments
InkTober – A 31 day exercise

Another year has passed and another InkTober is upon us! Hot dog! For those that don’t know, InkTober is a challenge where you must create one ink-based drawing each day for the full 31 days of October. The challenge was created by artist Jake Parker and has been running for a few years now. Anybody can do it and full details can be found here: The InkTober Challenge.


Last year I decided to do my first Inktober challenge. I approached the 31 days as an opportunity to challenge my speed and perspective skills by adhering to a set of predefined rules, including a strict one hour time limit and prohibiting the use of reference material.

You can see the full 31 pictures from last year’s Inktober HERE, along with more detail on my self-imposed rules and why I chose stuff. (more…)

Describe What You Do (in ONE sentence)

30th August, 2016 // No Comments
Describe What You Do (in ONE sentence)


I’ve been off the grid for the last few weeks taking some time off to think about my art and where I want to take my illustration. I felt I needed to escape the noise of the social medias and just reflect.

It was about asking questions of myself. Mostly about what I do and why. Every question I asked was like a layer of a beautiful onion; and with each answer, a layer was stripped away in an effort to find that wonderful diamond in the middle or something. Analogies.

After many onion layers were stripped, I stopped on this one question “How do you describe what you do to someone in one sentence?”. As I thought about it I realised that I’ve always struggled to really describe my art to people after they find out I’m an illustrator. (more…)

Sydney City Art Illustrations

20th April, 2016 // 16 Comments
Sydney City Art Illustrations

Greetings friends! Here is a straight-up documentation of my most recent commission. I was contacted by my agency with an offer to produce a series of illustrations for City Art, Sydney“City Art is the City of Sydney’s program for public art, supporting local and international artists to contribute to the creative and cultural heartbeat of our city.”



Based on the compilation below, my agent said that the client had selected my style of work for a concept phase with the following brief:

“The successful artist will be invited to produce ten illustrations to realistically portray a selection of public artworks in the City Art collection. The artist is to produce illustrations of works in their entirety, which can be easily recognised by the public.” 

Examples of my work sent to the client.

The client was looking to create ten illustrations, in postcard form, of artworks and sculptures located in the city of Sydney. (more…)

Some recommendations…

1st March, 2016 // 4 Comments
Some recommendations…

Well in case you were wondering I am still here. For the last few months I’ve been working on a few jobs, enjoying a bit of a relaxy time and ultimately battling the resistance to write a new post. If you’re reading this then I won the battle and I’m back baby!

I’ve been mulling over writing a post about personal recommendations for books and other media I refer to for creativity, motivation AND productivity.

I’ll just get on with it shall I…


Anatomy & Figure Drawing: Bridgman’s Complete Guide to Drawing from Life by George B. Bridgman


Admittedly I haven’t really checked out other books on anatomy/figure drawing but then after having owned this I’ve never needed to. It was recommended to me by my animator friend years ago during art school. (more…)

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