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So I realised I was procrastinating quite a bit yesterday, simply because I couldn’t think of anything particularly amazing to illustrate after handing in my BUNT submission(pics to come soon.) Heat lethargy and lack of action-taking were making me feel frustrated and I resolved that just doing something is better than nothing. I was also reminded of a quote in this book I’ve been reading by Eric Maisel, which goes: “Create as you wait. That way, as you will always be waiting, you will always be creating.” True dat!


SO please enjoy a picture of some teabags:

[singlepic id=115 w=475]


…I had a bit of  a teabag tower going on beside my desk, which I looked at and thought it quite nicely represented my productivity and willingness to keep going. Hence Tea Tower Tenacity – I’m sure there’s some kind of symbolism there.


Anyway this is the start of a short series of pictures based on stuff I experienced in the month of May



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