Be relaxed for your best.

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I was recently hired by a studio to work on an animation project where I was required to come up with character and background designs.

When working for clients, especially new ones, I always feel a real motivation to prove my value as I know it could lead to more jobs with the client or a recommendation from them to other people. With this in mind I find it usually creates a lot more tension in my drawing as there’s more pressure to produce quality work.

I had a couple of weeks before the project officially started so I took the opportunity to refine not only my drawing skills but my ability to draw imaginatively (purely from my mind). I wanted to really immerse myself in the process of drawing and become more aware of what goes through my mind during the process.

2 Minute Pose - Life DrawingLifeDraw6LifeDraw5LifeDraw4LifeDraw3LifeDraw1LifeDraw2

I had recently read a great article about Bill Murray in Rolling Stone magazine in which he’s quoted “You can do the very best you can when you’re very, very relaxed.” It had a really profound impact on me, not least because I’m a big fan of Bill Murray and his off-screen adventures, but also because when I thought back to when I’ve created my best work I was in a very relaxed state of mind.


New picture book project…

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For the next few months I’ll be working on the illustrations for a picture book written by my friend which I’m really excited to be working on.

Below I’ve posted the outlines for pages 1-3 of the book.

Page 1 - picture bookPage 2 - picture bookPage 3 - picture book

I’ll be posting regular updates as I create them here on my site and also on my Behance page.


Conversatial “Clean You”

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Another new Conversatial?! Yes. I’ve already explained what Conversatial IS (see two posts below), check it out if you haven’t already.

Clean you

“I just want to clean you.”

I wasn’t sure where to go with this Conversation snippet. Sometimes an idea for an image comes straight to mind and other times I need to brainstorm a bit.


Instagram – So f****** Insta right now!

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Hey Ladies and Gentlemen! Just thought I’d let you know I’m now on Instagram under the name ainsleyknott. I’ve started using it exclusively to show sketches that I do on the go, mainly because it’s quick and easy but also because I think it helps get over the need to be perfect and polish everything off.


I may post the odd one or two which I really like here on the site, but I like the idea of having a separate vault, so to speak, for all my sketches. Here are some to whet your appetite. AND they’ll only get better over time!



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Hello. Comeback post!

Here are some more Conversatials for your delightment. If you don’t know what Conversatial is, it is a website by Stefan Knott (no relation – nah, he’s my brother) dedicated to overheard snippets of conversation. I take on the fun task of interpreting them in visual form.

yellow ball conversatial

“You just can’t resist a big yellow ball”

buy barbie conversatial

“I’ll go out with you if you buy me a Barbie”

Nobody likes conversatial

“Nobody likes my face”


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Here are some new snippets of conversation that my brother caught for his website Conversatial. Once again I have added my own surreal, visual interpretation to them.



“Your hair looks in good condish”
“Thanks … it’s always in good condish!”
“Yeah, but it looks, like, shiny.”


“Do you like death?”
“Er …”
“The world is going to end tomorrow. I look forward to it.”
“Why’s that?”
“I think it will be relaxing”


Son: “Shall we shape daddy’s head off?”
Dad: “No. Daddy likes his head where it is.”
Son: “No!”
Dad: “I see what you’re getting at, but …”


“It’s funny how children … shit!”


“… going on about your boobs in the hallway.”


“You always hurt my face!”




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For the last few months I’ve been working on a design for a hand poster idea I’ve had. After lots of tinkering and procrastinating I feel it’s finally ready to unleash to the world.

We often communicate or condense an entire message into simple hand gestures, something which can often bypass language barriers.

The poster consists of 30 different hand gestures, many of which we use in everyday life and others which might be new to you. Each one has brief description explaining it use and possible meanings in other cultures.

It’s available to buy on the Red Bubble website here

Also: *Parental Advisory Warning – some naughty words included*

hand poster 1

handspeak 1

hand poster 2

handspeak 2

hand poster 9

handspeak 2

handspeak 8

handspeak 4

handspeak 7

handspeak 6


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Here’s a design I entered for another Talenthouse competition. It was to design a film poster for Jon S. Baird’s Filth movie based on the novel by Irvine Welsh.

Filth Movie


If you like it and get a quick sec I’d really appreciate your vote!

Here’s the link.  “Filth” Poster Design by Ainsley Knott


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I’m currently participating in a couple of Talenthouse competitions at the mo. One for Microsoft’s Office 365 and another for Sony Playstation’s online network.

Both were quite open brief but and the ideas of both appealed to me.

The brief for Office 365 was to design a piece of artwork inspired from the tag-line ‘Work from anywhere’. They’re aiming to promote their new Office porduct as one that can be used pretty much anywhere and on the go. Thus they were looking for interesting locations you’d be using the product.

I had a few ideas I wanted to go with originally but ultimately settled on the ‘Work from camel’ here:

Office 365

Playstation were looking for a piece of artwork to celebrate and promote their online gaming community and the idea of playing games with friends and others around the world. They brief was entitled ‘Way of play’ and a list of many other tag-lines relating to online gaming were provided as inspiration.

I went with the tag-line “Couples who slay together, stay together” and came up with this image of two players’ characters alongside each other connected with chain ammo from their guns and forming a heart between them.


The competitions are vote based so if you get a quick sec I’d really appreciate your vote.

Talenthouse Microsoft Office 365

Talenthouse Sony Playstation

Thanks guys!